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    I have downloaded the newest version of P-tunes which I wanted to use with Napster to Go. When I connect the 650 with Ptunes running and connect to Napster, I get a message stating that I am a Napster to Go subscriber but am attempting to use a device not compatible with Napster to Go (Palm Device). Well I've been going back and forth with Normsoft on this issue and not getting anywhere. I also get a similar message with Yahoo music. Anyone had this happen or have any ideas?? I'm stumped and so is Normsoft. Napster handed me off to Normsoft right away, so they're no help.
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    i can't help you but ptunes works fine with me with yahoo music.

    Ptunes shows a screen that says Connecting with Desktop when you run it right?
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    Im getting the same message -exactly the same -- napster has tried a number of things-- but to no avail -- what gives?
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