This is not really a Treo application question but I thought this was still the best forum as it relates to using your Treo for "enhanced communication". Mods, please relocate if necessary.

I'm setting up my Win XP SP2 PC as a "message center" to forward incoming faxes (and voicemail soon) to my 650.

I'm trying AcidImage Pro to view my .tif faxes just fine. I already own AI so I will probably upgrade to Pro.

On my PC, I'm currently trying PhoneWorks Pro (which will also do voice mail as soon as I upgrade to a voice/speakerphone modem as well as integrates with MS Outlook) and have also tested Venta Fax. I had a brief look at Winfax Pro but it seems over priced.

For those of you already doing this, which PC application(s) do you recommend, especially those which include forwarded voicemails?

For those of you receiving forwarded voicemails, which PC server software are you using, what is the format of the audio file and what Palm application are you using to listen to your voicemail. (I assume TCMP will handle almost anything that is thrown at it).

Also, can you recommend a good PCI voice/speakerphone/data/fax modem?