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    I updated my T650 (cingular) software from 1.02 to 1.15 software. Now the HBH-660 won't connect. I can make it a trusted device, although the T650 does not know what type of device it is. I can't remember if the T650 knew what type of device it was under the previous cingular software version (1.02).

    When I place a call, the HBH-660 does not pick up. I push the button on the unit and the T650 tries to make a connection but it never happens.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Did you try to re-pair the headset with your 650. Press and hold each side of the +/- button on the headset until it enters "pairing" mode (you should see a circular icon on the LCD). Then go into the Treo Bluetooth setup and have your Treo discover the headset.
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    I tried everything but THAT and THAT did it. Thanks. I previously re-read the manual but don't remember seeing that in the english manual. Thanks.
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    Happy to be of service.

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