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    Have had a Treo bluetooth headset for about a week paired with my Treo 650.
    1) I can hear callers very clearly but they almost always complain that they can hear themselves echoed.
    It has also developed two problems.
    2) Ring back no longer works. I get the double beep after 2-3 seconds, and the icons change on the 650 but it does not ring out.
    3) When I place a call from the 650 it does not automatically transfer to the headset. I have to press the headset button.

    Does anyone know any cures for these problems?
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    1. turn down the volume to reduce callee echo.
    2. not sure - perhaps #3 fix will help.
    3. try - delete trusted device and re-pair the headset.

    i returned mine. the technology is just not quite there yet. they are not small/light enough, not quick enough, not loud/clear enough to be a corded replacement for my tastes. and the Treo 650 itself does not have the best BT radio. we will get there eventually - but we ain't there yet. i've given up for now.
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    fwiw, i've had none of those problems. i'd try returning it to see if it's defective.

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