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    On my T650, I have Zlauncher and Linkstart (freeware version of PowerRun). Is it possible to run applications from the SD card using Zlauncher and do away with the Linkstart program? I know you cannot run some progs from the card - like any that use timed events or schedules.
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    yes, just tap and hold the icon and select move to great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraOrdinaryJo
    yes, just tap and hold the icon and select move to great.
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    zLauncher saved me from getting rid of my palm especially after GoodLink labotomized it by killing off so much of the memory. You can move just about anything to the card and run it from the card. I have even moved Vindigo and all of it's related databases to the card with the exception of the vsync (wireless sync). I created a "shortcut" so that it appears as if it's just another app on the launcher and when i click on it, it opens everything and I'm even able to sync wirelessly with it. It is truly a great app. I've moved everything over

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