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    My office has recently changed PIMs from Lotus Organizer 5.0 to Outlook 2000. Since the change I've been using Pocket Mirror 3.0 std. for syncing, but am not happy with its inability to sync both home and business addresses. Can anyone recommend a (reasonably priced)syncing software that will handle more than one address and can possible handle contacts in two separate folders?

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    The Pocket Mirror that comes with the Visor is the lite version. Chapura has recently released version 3.0 Pro version which will allow you to pick which "mailing address" will sync to the Visor/Palm unit. I use this version and do not have any problems although some where in these threads I remember reading a comment that another user was having issue with repeating todo's.

    InSync and Dataviz both make products that will replace the pocket mirror program. PDA Geek did a review on various synching programs and I believe he settled on Chapura for Outlook as the best but that's from memory. I'd suggest going to PalmGear and do a search using "syncing" and view all of the various programs that result.

    Unfortunately, most of these sync programs don't ship with all features under the shareware license until purchased so you'll have to research in detail.

    The pro version of Chapura's pocket pro works for me and I do exactly what you are looking for with regards to mailing address. If you want two addresses for each contact then I'd suggest listing the second address in the notes field in Outlook which will show up in the notes field for each contact on the Visor otherwise the palm OS dictates only one address per contact. You'd then have to have duplicated names with different addresses on the Visor which obviously will result in duplicates in Outlook.

    Hope this dribble helps somewhat. I'm watching MSNBC discuss the latest in Florida while typing so some of the above is missing "chads".
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    Last year when I bought my Visor Deluxe I was in need of syncing flexibility with Outlook 2000 that PocketMirror did not provide. At the time, the only real alternative for me was Puma Technologies Intellisync. It worked great with my custom/sub folders as well as filtering. It was indeed exactly what I was looking for, although expensive at $65.

    Now that PocketMirror 3.0 Pro is available as an upgrade for current PocketMirror users for only $24.95, that may prove to be a good choice for you. However, I've been quite pleased with Intellisync.

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