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    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert .wma files to into .mp3 files? If so, how?
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    For anyone interested, I was given a great link to a free program that lets you convert music files.
    Check out:
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    If it's possible, it's best to go straight from a raw source (CD) to an mp3 or wma. Both of these files are "lossy" compressed, meaning bits and pieces are left out, but depending on the ratio, the sound is close enough to original. So going from wma to mp3 is taking one lossy compressed file, and recompressing it as another. If you have no choice, save the wma as a .wav file, and then covert that to mp3.
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    How do I save it as a .wav file?
    I'm doing this from work and th eonly program I have is Win Media Player.

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