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    Greetings everyone...

    I just found this website and must say it's a wealth of information.

    Unfortunately, I can't find any information on an error message I am receiving.

    I have a Treo 650 through Verizon. It is synced up with an Exchange 2003 server.

    It has been working fine, but the last few days I have been unable to receive email on my 650.

    I have verified that the account settings are correct, and email is actually going to my exchange mailbox.

    I can *see* the emails on the verizon wireless email manager website. But they are not getting "pushed" out to the phone.

    I checked the activity log on the verizon wireless website, and I see a bunch of:

    Unexpected failure detected: OutOfMemoryError

    I deleted a lot of the email messages stored on the 650, yet I am still receiving this error.

    Has anyone else who uses verizon run into this issue?

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    Let's see what your phone's available memory is. Install MemoryInfo, launch it and copy the results into your reply.
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