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    Xiino has performed flawlessly for me for over a year now but all of a sudden I'm getting resets when I get a few pages into the web.

    Blazer is working fine, I haven't DL any new apps except for web pro, but I got rid of it with Uninstall manager and ran searches for left over files. I've uninstalled/reinstalled which fixes it for a few hours,,,,,,, I'm stumped.

    I can't get along without Xiino.
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    Sorry JPR,
    I cant answer your question since i dont use xiino.
    But i do have to ask, I have heard many things about xiino good and bad. Is it the speed that makes you use it over blazer?
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    Ya, I have timed several different pages with Xiino and blazer. Pages that take 2 minutes 30 seconds to load with blazer take 30 seconds with Xiino. 1 minute pages take 15 seconds with Xiino.
    The only bad things I can say about Xiino is that some times it displays some text vertically and I can't DL internet files to the card.
    Xiino is an absolute must have.
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    I had this problem before,first make sure you delete the pref files as well,uninstall completely,then do a soft reset.after that then reinstall xiino and it should work, another thing is that you shouldn't have a large cache, on the phone or card as sometimes this can cause problems as well, hope that helps!!
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    I just tried Xiino. It is fast, but displays pages terribly! I haven't read the manual.... yet..... but is there any way to change the way pages are rendered aside from different size fonts?
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    longstrider pretty much what you see is what you get but I have been using which seems to help some as far as rendering.. you can't change the homepage so I just have it saved as a bookmark.. hope this helps..
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    Longstrider your just use to looking at Blazer. I wouldn't call it terrible. Xiino does a good job of rendering pages if you take into account the speed at which it does it. Now Eudora text only web browsing on my Kyocera 7135, that was terrible

    You get use to the look of Xiino after a couple 20 hours of use. There are some pages I go to on Blazer that use to take 7 min 30 second with Blazer but only 1 min 30 second with Xiino.

    We don't have much of a choice. Webpro is buggy and a little slower than Xiino, the new version is not compatible with the 650. Web to go is not compatible. RecWireless I can't even find a DL for it.

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    Ljj8503 thanks, My cache has been at 3 megs, how big is to big? I did delete all files relating to Xiino yesterday and the saved preferences the day before but not all at the same time. If it happens again I'll do both at the same time.

    I've been doing a lot of OTA updates since my computer got hit by the storm 2 weeks ago and am also using a beta version of chatter. I've had generally instability ever since my computer went to the shop.
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    glad I could help,as far as how much cache is too much...that's something you'll have to "feel" out for yourself......for me it was a size of almost 2megs.....i would have problems with the resets and the loading I decreased it to 1.5 megs and I didn't have any problems,my friend has xiino and he could run with a 3.5meg cache with no problem so it all depends.....just see how much works for you before it runs unstable then you'll know!!
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    Thanks JPR and Donric

    I will just keep using it. It is FAST.
    We will see if i can adjust to the way pages are displayed.
    That vertical lettering looks Kookie...
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    Have you tried webpro its post #4
    Its faster than blazer, better looking than Xiino but it gives you a horizontal scroll bar, I hate horizontal scroll bars :angrysmilie: It also kept changing my default apps.
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    i use xiino all the time and it does reset a bite.i used fonts4os5 to change the fonts and it does make a big looks great.xiino is the best compare to brazer, but i love reset everytime you get in pref. but i sometimes go into filez and delect the cache there instead of webpro pref.i just can not get into my bank account using xiino, but i can do it with webpro so i keep using it for that.
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    Resets are not normal. Xiino is not a buggy app. If you have resets in any app you can almost always track it down with a little effort.

    Your right webpro is buggy, but I keep a copy of it just incase I need to DL a file larger than 2 megs.
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    FWIW, I think the cache is too large when it is close to the size of available RAM. That's when I get resets in Xiino.
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    Xiino may be fast but it does keep resetting my Treo 650. I think this is a much bigger problem than the slow Blazer, besides, Blazer seems to have speeded up lately Maybe I am getting Edge. I am not sure how to tell.
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    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Check this thread:,230.15.html
    So far all I have tried is taking my SD card out, and it works.
    I will try some of the other suggestions in that post and report back.
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    I used to be able to save web page as a memo, but lately when I try to save a page as a memo, I get a reset. I uninstalled, deleted prefs and still no luck. Any ideas, many thanks.
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    I removed this buggy, freezing, resetting POS application today, pure garbage it was my first experience with BAD software, if I only could get webviewer on my device to replace it.

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