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    I do not have the option to send my calendar event using SMS. I have a Treo 650 from Verizon. The only options it gives me to send is Bluetooth or MMS. How can I configure it to send by SMS. My Tugsten W had this option and was great to send calendar events to my peers to add to their Palm Datebook. Is there a fix. Thanks Richard
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    Mine only gives me 'Bluetooth' 'Messaging' (which is indeed MMS) and 'VersaMail' ... no SMS here either. I have a ROW Unlocked 650. Is MMS not an option for you?
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    I do have MMS, but you can't send datebook events with MMS.
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    Send your calender items by email. SMS is old, simple technology. You won't be able to send calender items or contacts via sms. You can send a text message to any cell phone by email. When you have email installed, one of the send options in addition to bt and mms will be your email program.

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