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    Sorry if this is a complete newbie question, but I'm a bit confused. Under my Prefs->Network I have 3 entries: PCS Vision, PCS Vision Copy & Sprint Provisioning. Why would I have both PCS Vision & PCS Vision Copy? The only difference I can see is that the PCS Vision Copy has a Connection field set to High Speed Wireless. The PCS Vision entry does not have this field. Anyone have any insights?

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    I would leave them both. I learnt the hard way on my 600 that deleting any could be really problematic.
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    i would leave them.
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    I have several pre-installed on my ROW model. As it is the Aussie version, it has the codes pre-installed for our triopoly telcos. It has a couple for each telco actually, as they tend to use different setups for pre-paid vs post-paid here.
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