I was not going to use it at all from what I've read here but . . .

My first and most important ? is: HOW SECURE is it. I'm not too comfortable sending my client list and personal info back and forth every 15 min to a satellite. I'm worried about the security issues here.

Can anyone tell me how secure wireless sync is?

So I could not get versa mail to send email. It receives OK but gave me a relay error when trying to send. A call to VZ tech support and they also got Palm's tech involved. Seems Versa mail has only two protocols and does not work with Time Warners roadrunner settings in some areas. Palm tech said I need to call
back Verizon and they can provide me with Verizon's outgoing provider setting and port#.
They were going to get this from Time warner but they were closed for the holiday.

Verizon rep said to try Wireless sync. I mentioned forum members were not all that impressed and most use Versa mail or a third party app like snapper mail.

He said the problem with forums (and I agree with this) is that people post when they are unhappy so it always appears heavier on the negative side. Happy users are less likely to post when an app does what it should (makes sense to me) so he set up my account and I'll give it a shot. They are sending me the protocols for versa mail anyway to get it to send if I don't like Wireless sync.

This guy was very knowledgeable and said he thinks it's a great program.

I don't need spam emails pushed to me every 15 min so I unchecked that box or my contacts either.

But it's really nice that my secretary or wife can go on the net and change or schedule appointments and have the changes auto sync to my palm (this is great IMO).

But after a few hours it seems annoying whenever I go to use the 650 it's in the middle of a wireless sync and I have to wait a min or two. Can I turn off push totally and only sync when I want to?

Is there a better way to be using this feature or should I just dump it and use versa mail when they email the protocol and port# that will allow me to "send" email thru Verizon's servers?