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    Do you have a site that you would love to squeeze into your mobile device or handheld? Use to do just that. Now if one of the Palm RSS reader could put this in the story link URL we would have a great tool here. Until then this is a great tool that keep your history of visited sites when registered.
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    Mobileleap so far is the best of this type of site (service) that does this and it has gotten better since a year ago. Another is but it chokes on some sites.

    It would be nice if they had this in the form of a proxy server. Just point your proxy server setting to them and it automatically filters evey page you browse with blazer.
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    Mobileleap didn't work for my Blog , but Skweezer did.

    I heart Skweezer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Typo Lad
    Mobileleap didn't work for my Blog
    Can you be more specific on how it didn't work?

    Your Blog via MobileLeap (wire payload 114.03k)

    Your Blog via Skweezer (wire payload 2.09M)

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    neither one of them could handle, at least the screen the returned reservation results
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobileLeap
    Can you be more specific on how it didn't work?

    Your Blog via MobileLeap (wire payload 114.03k)

    Your Blog via Skweezer (wire payload 2.09M)
    It's not your site's fault - looks like my proxy won't let me get to you.

    Shame. That's a big difference in paylpoad!
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    how do i used the proxy feature? I have used Skweezer previously, but I didn't know there was a way to automate it so that Blazer uses it automatically. I tried putting Skweezer in as a proxy setting and just keep getting an error, so I am doing something wrong obviously.

    I am on VZW if it matters.
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    come on guys, help a brother out
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    I don't think they have a proxy setting, which would rock by the way. I think what Typo_Lad was talking about was using a proxy server in addition to using skweezer and was merely saying that his proxy server was the issue. I don't think the proxy server he was usiung and skweezer are related at all.
    Although, again, I wish you could use skweezer via a proxy setting. I'd pay for that.
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    thanks, appreciate the reply
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    Since the revival of this thread. I just want to mention that I've been using Mobileleap lately and find that it's working out better for me than skweezer. Mobileleap V2 has improved a lot since the V1. I especially like the customization on how/if it resizes the images when you set up a (free) account.
    It still chokes on javascript pages, but it works for some sites.

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