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    I am trying to Hotsync my Treo 650 and it fails saying the connection has been lost. Before I tried to hotsync I attempted to load some rather large videos onto the Treo thru the Palm Quick Install, but those did not work either. Doesn't bother me though. But when I try to hotsyne it fails, and the files I tried to load on the Treo are on there, but are corrupted. Is there any way to reset or delete my hotsync profile so that it acts as if it is the first time I am hotsyncing? Thanks.
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    Perform a hard reset, delete all your data and Hotsync. You'll be asked if you want to use the old name or create a new one - create a new one.

    If you already have registered apps that depend on your using the old name, then uninstall your Palm Desktop, delete the Palm directory and reinstall.
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