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    ...i know about some of the popular ones (ie chatter, snapper, etc), but they seem to have many bugs....

    also, hotmail is not a pop3 or imap so i cant use the versamail that comes with my treo

    i need something stable and compatiable with hotmail
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    I find that I'm able to read my hotmail from Versamail but I can't send replies or initiate new messages. Have you tried to receive hotmail.
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    yeah, maybe i didn't set it up correctly though b/c i was unsuccessful....i didn't know what to enter at the "server" prompt (i think that's what the prompt said)....

    anyway, hotmail is my main email account, so i would need the app to send as well
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    Try Aileron mail it is designed to help mobile users manage and balance their corporate and personal email management needs using one single handheld device, with bi-directional support for attachments. Aileron provides email management for individual users using Internet mail access protocols like POP3, IMAP4, with or without SSL, and also provides access to portal mailboxes like MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail.

    Feel free to reach us at for a live and interactive chat support.
    Tim K
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    Hotmail is web based...just use Blazer (browser)
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    Quote Originally Posted by paris
    Hotmail is web based...just use Blazer (browser)
    There is some conflict in Blazer that prevents uploading or messages sent or replies. It's not as simple as you suggest.
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    You can access your Hotmail from the web address in post #10 ( and setup your Hotmail account to send a text message to your phone whenever you get email. I have mine setup this way and it works great. You can even filter what mail will generate a text message (all, contacts only, specific contacts, etc). If you have unlimited text messages it's almost like having push email.
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    Thanks for the info! I recently set up a hotmail account for use on my treo via blazer and didn't even realize there was text message notification!! How cool!

    I'm setting some of my other email accounts (using some filtering criteria) to forward certain emails to my hotmail account for easy Treo access and the sms notification just ads icing to the cake.

    I really like this setup.

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