I recently had two Treo 650s unlocked by Cingular. Both devices are running 1.15-CNG, 1.31 firmware, A hardware. My wife's phone uses "Radio Control" v1.1, mine uses "TreoGuard" v 1.8.07b to control phone hours of operation. Since the unlock was applied, both phones seem to be having a problem finding the Cingular network when restarting the radio in the morning. Most of the time (like 99%), the display shows "no network sos only". Starting and stopping the radio using the button or either of the radio programs gets the phones back on Cingular. I am at a loss as to why neither phone can't find Cingular each morning and further, why doesn't it find Cingular on a rescan after some period of time. BTW, I can still make calls despite what the display says. I could be on the Suncom network, but can't say for sure. In either case, I am not being charged for roaming on my bill as we're on a Nation GSM Family Plan.

I've read about the loose sim card issue, but this doesn't appear to be related as both phones started this the same day and both have been doing it ever since. I also doubt that either of the radio scheduling programs are at issue because both phones exhibit the same symptom at the same time each day. It could be symptomatic of a network problem, but what are the odds of all cell sites (at least two) within my residential being down at the same time everyday.

My suspicion is this is a problem with the new firmware that didn't become apparent until the phones were unlocked.

I'm curious if others have seen this issue or are aware of reports on other forums. Cingular is welcome to reply as well.