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    Anyone know how to enter a tab character on a 650? I used to do it via Grafitti with Punctuation Shift -> Up, then right on my TRGPro, but the 650 of course has no Grafitti. I could create a memo on the PC with a tab character and copy/paste it, but that seems a bit clunky. No one at Sprint or Palm seem to know how (Palm T/S said it was not possible). "There must be a way!" (Note: I know I could get a 3d party Grafitti replacement, but I expect it is possible "as is".) Any help would be appreciated!
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    Try shift space_bar. That should add about 4 or 5 characters, or tab over. Anything more complicated than that is beyond me.
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    Hey, it works-what a deal! Thanks for the assist, TOstler! Obviously the members of this forum are smarter than Sprint or Palm tech support!

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