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    I have recently purchased an unlocked Treo 600. I am a Fido subscriber. When I insert my Fido SIM card, I can make and receive calls without a problem. GPRS also works fine for me. However, the phone is constantly roaming on the Rogers network.

    1- Is that normal? And will it affect the cost of using the phone?
    2- Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you in advace for your help.
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    I think you should verify this information, but I thought Fido and Rogers merged together. Maybe when you are using a Fido SIM card on the Rogers network, it's not roaming...
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    I switched from Rogers to Fido... I get that too and I would'nt worry about it. They said they're going to be merging so you will see this roaming appear. Your not actually roaming, and I haven't been charged roaming charges. I think it's a glitch with the merge (one of many glitches) Of course, IANAFE (I Am Not A Fido Employee) so if your really concerned give them a call, but that's been my experience.
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    Rogers bought out Fido and at this point Fido customers can roam onto Rogers cell towers free of charge. Sooner or later (dates keep getting push back), Fido customers will have to pay an additional charge (5.00 per month) to get access to Rogers cell towers (called Expanded Network option). For Rogers customers, they can access Fido cell towers for free.

    Since there are more Rogers cell towers, your Treo quad band will always tack onto the strongest signal.

    Will all Fido customers have access to the new combined national coverage?

    Fido customers will continue to enjoy the same coverage areas they originally subscribed to, however, within the established Fido network footprint, the quality of the network will be enhanced as a result of this integration.

    Fido customers with regular monthly airtime packages may also choose to take advantage of the expanded coverage—meaning the network outside of the original Fido footprint—by subscribing to the $5 Expanded Network option. This option is not available to City Fido and $70 monthly package subscribers or to Fido Prepaid Service customers.


    Why do handsets now display different network names?

    During the integration, some customers may see a different network name on their Fido handset, such as ROGERS, Fido/Rogers, Rogers or CAN-72. However, once the networks are completely merged, most Fido customers will see Fido however, many will see "ROGERS" or "ROGERS AT&T" on the display perhaps CAN 72.

    For additional FAQs on Fido/Rogers....
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