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    Just got my Treo 650 from Sprint, installed the Palm software included, and synch'd with my Outlook (using xp Pro) with fine results. After that I purchased and installed Datebk5 (and elected to swap-out Palm's Calendar application for Databk5 during installation). I'm so pleased with Datebk5 and its extra features that I would like to access and use it on my computer desktop in lieu of Outlook calendaring (and contacts) if possible.

    Has anyone done this -- and/or does anyone know if it can be done (and how)?


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    The author of DateBK5 has not made a desktop version, and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $doesn$'$t$ $plan$ $to$.

    But if you mean that you'd like to work with your Treo-based DB5 from your computer, take a look at PdaReach.

    ...or are you saying that you're having problems syncing with Outlook after you installed DB5?
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