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    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using the Treo for the WebCT program used for many online college courses. This would be through directly on the Treo, or while using the Treo as a modem using PDAnet. Furthermore, how well does this work with cellular data plans? Any words please reply.
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    That's an interesting question. My undergrad school used WebCT and so I'm familiar with the program but don't have an account to try it out again. My Treo does work well (as far as connecting) with our proprietary version we have here at my current school, however, I can't imagine trying to do much work on the relatively small Treo screen.

    Regarding PDAnet , I used it breifly and, again, had no problems with the proprietary system we have here. However, you might consider using the bluetooth dial up networking that is most likely already installed on your Treo since it's essentially the same thing but without having to buy software. It can be a little more difficult to set up, but there's info on it here at TC if you search the forums or you can follow the how-to/troubleshooting guide we have on our tech news site at: - the latest tech news, reviews, and free hardware and software support. - Wookin' pa nub? 100% Free dating site with photo profiles and local search. - Got love, now need money? Find short term and freelance work.
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    Webct uses frames which makes the site nearly impossible to use with blazer on the treo. (Atleast version 4.1 which is all I've ever tried). It works fine with PDAnet though since you can use your laptop. You would want to have an unlimited plan if you will be using it regularly.

    Also.. This is the wrong forum for this post. Its not a hardware question.
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    I would have to say PdaNet, it's easy to setup and it works. the bluetooth DUN is a little slower and much harder to get working correctly, plus if your laptop doesnt have BT you have to buy the adapter which cost about the same as PdaNet.
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