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    They seem to do the same thing. Those of you that have experienced both, can you help me out in deciding which one's better?

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    The Main Difference being one can originate documents on QuickOffice on the handheld, whereas with Doc to Go, the document always originates on the desktop.
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    Okay, here are my experiences with this two products:

    When I first bought my Visor I tried loads of document editors viewers, and there wasn't a single editor I especially liked. But I did but Documents To Go (DTG for it's ability to show read-only versions of word files on my Visor. One major area that is missing is the ability to display graphics. For this reason I also bought iSilo.

    When DTG bought out there editor version I immediately trialed it and was not impressed at all. Yes it allows character level formatting of a document,but this has been done in a very clunky manner (as far as I remember there isn't even a shortcut for these formatting features).

    Also when an edited documented is synch'ed back to the desktop it has been mangled beyond all comprehension. There text is there, and any selectedformatting is in place, but any previously entered formatted has been completly lost.

    It also stopped converting some of the documents I previously stored (those with included graphics).

    I then decided to revert to my previous version and not upgrade.

    Then QuickOffice (QO) came out. I have been a very happy user of QuickSheet for a while, and had trialed SmartDoc. I liked it, but not enough to buy it.

    I checked out the upgrade pricing and found I only needed to pay $9.95 (around 5 quid), which seemed a bit of a bargain. I bought it without trialing it.

    I actually like the way that the document conversion is a two step process. Whether you use the QO Desktop, or the Word/Excel integration, the document is converted into QO format.

    You can then do whatever you like with themon your Visor. These can then be synch'ed back to the desktop version of the QO file.

    If you want to update the original version (and keep any original formatting) you need to do this manually.

    I though I'd hate this but, in the long run, it saves me time re-formating my documents.

    So, to the scores:
    DTG: Thumbs up for read-only viewing, with some formatting of Word files.
    Thumbs down for editing

    QO: Thumbs up for editing desktop files, but an amount of manual work is required to insert formatting,although you can use words AutoFormat facility to do some of this for you.

    As an aside I use MegaDoc to edit and format documents on my VDx. The interface is a bit clunky, but it's OK.
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    Woah jeez... did you write that with Documents to Go or something? Sometimes it's almost incomprehensible.

    Myself, I switch between pedit and QuickWord. I do not need the functionality of spreadsheets so QuickOffice isn't really an option.

    pedit has so much functionality that I couldn't tell you what half of the buttons on the bottom of the page do. The manual is about 140 pages printed and between new books on WAP and Palm programming, I just don't have the free time. BUT, it is an excellent text editor. The opportunities are there for me to learn, so it's my fault that I can't give it a better rating.

    As for QuickWord, I just downloaded it last night. I am very impressed with the post-compression option since the editor is able to produce documents in the hundreds of kilobytes. I haven't invested the time to know the formatting faults but I can say I think this wins out over my experience with Documents to Go.
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    I've been using DTG and bought the upgrade when it came out. I also just downloaded a few days ago the Quickoffice program. Here are my impressions:

    1. If you want to create docs and spreads on your Visor then go with QO.
    a) Their interface on the desktop is lousy.
    b) Installed macros hook into both Word and Excel and then you are prompted to "save as" a quick sheet or quick word file. I had a spreadsheet that had 72,000 cells in it and it locked my computer - twice.
    c) A Word document was transferred over without any apparent problems other than time compared to DTG see below.
    2. If you want to view docs and spreadsheets on your handheld that are created on your desktop then go with DTG.
    a) Drag and drop interface is, to me, more intuitive to use in order to load programs.
    b) DTG is a stand alone program that does not interface with either Word or Excel and hence no macros are installed.
    c) Without a doubt, sync speed of similar size documents goes to DTG. I synced the same spreadsheet file and it took less than half the time syncing to DTG as it did to QC.

    Now with that said - you can create documents and spreadsheet on the Visor using the new version of DTG. You simply have to have a "blank" to start and then you are allowed to create a file to your liking. QC is more powerful in creating but overall I'd give the benefit to DTG. By the way, the spreadsheet file is 77K on the DTG platform and 96k on the QO format.

    One other annoying point: Quicksheet can not accept sheet names that are more than 15 characters - not a problem with DTG.

    Both are shareware so you can try for yourself and decide these are my impressions.
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    I'm really considering getting on of these three office tools. Anyone have an idea of which is best?

    Also, I've been playing around with the demo of quickoffice, and want to know how to make a scatter plot. Is this function disabled on the demo (ie requiring a purchace to unlock)?
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    Re Quickword, does it support FTP and http file transfers for uploading and downloading over the internet, the way its predecessor SmartDoc did? The manual on the Cutting Edge website doesn't mention it.
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    Virgilio, this review of QuickOffice, comparing it to Documents To Go Professional may help.

    As far as whether or not the demo version of QO is missing features, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure their demo versions are complete versions of the software.

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    Unfortunately (I guess – I never used the feature), QuickWord does not support FTP transfers. Although this feature is removed, some MemoPad import and export functionality is added, as well as word count. As a side note, I had some problems with SmartDoc 2.0 killing files (kind of the way Word 2.0 used to ) that were somewhat large and when I e-mailed CES about it they sent me an “upgrade” of SmartDoc that was version 2.5. I don’t think this was ever a public release, but it too had removed the FTP features. I asked them about this, and they just said that this feature was removed and was going to be revamped into a new product (or something like that). I don’t know if the FTP features were giving them trouble or what… You might be interested that I was able to load SmartDoc and QuickWord on my VDX at the same time (different creator IDs) and they “seemed” to work okay. I did have some syncing problems at the start but I think that was due to the way I imported my files (long story). I have not tried it again, but you might be able to have both present (if you don’t mind suffering the RAM drain) and use SmartDoc for the FTP functionality.

    I would just like to say that I am very happy with QuickWord. Clearly there are advantages and disadvantages to both programs. I use my VDX/Stowaway for A LOT of document editing and creation. Therefore speed with the keyboard is of utmost importance to me. So QO is the only option at this time. I would LOVE it if their conduit was better, but they seem to be going in the right direction, so I will take the good with the bad, and hope for better soon.

    Hope this helps,
    - Ryan
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    If I may add...

    Another difference between DTG and QO that I experienced was the ability to sync with more then one computer. DTG requires that the source files be available on both machines...whereas QO syncs the handheld files over.

    A feature that may be a significant if one is using multiple machines.
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    I have been pretty active with finding the "right" text editor.

    BUT, I have to notate that CES provided unbelievable support for some problems I had with transferring files from Visor to PC. I will mention that I HAD NOT PURCHASED the software yet and made them aware that beforehand. I exchanged about 10 emails trying to troubleshoot this program. NOT ONCE did he mention that we reached the limitations of "demo" support. It works now, and I am just waiting for the next pay period to purchase the software. I feel this is important to know especially when technical support is sometimes so hard to find.

    Sorry for the caps.

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    I've been using QuickWord (I never user Excel so I haven't looked at QuickSheet) and have now registered.

    I particularly like the fact that I can originate docs on both my Visor and PC, and sync between different versions of the document.

    For me, its the killer app for my Visor - I do an *awful* lot of writing - from keeping my CV up to date to technical specs, department status reports etc and QuickWord for me is probably the most used and most useful app on my Visor. Having no limit on my doc's size is important too.

    I found DTG both too clunky and too complex for my needs and similarly Pedit Pro (particualarly with its max doc size.)

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