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    I recently moved from Nevada to Nova Scotia taking along my Sprint Treo 600 that I was assured would work on the Aliant Network here. We got the phone set up fine but we need to change the network settings in Prefs and nobody at Aliant or Sprint seems to know exactly how to do that. They keep saying I need to talk to the other one about it. Has anyone got any advice on what exactly I should be doing? I'm sure you'll need more information, just let me know what you need.

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    GO to your Alient store, and have them call Sprint, and tell them to fix it.

    The network settings can ONLY be provided by Alient. Sprint will not know what settings that Alient uses.
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    I've been to the Aliant store numerous times. They say that the solution needs to come from Sprint. Sprint says that it's an Aliant problem. Aliant says that they need to get information from Sprint. Etc, etc, etc. I know someone at Aliant has the settings I need but they say they can't use them without input from Sprint. It's not like they're in competition here. It's really frustrating.

    I'll keep on Aliant. Hopefully they'll finally get someone who knows what they're doing.

    Thanks for the input.

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