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    i want to setup my treo to access my gmail using snappermail. i dont want daily downloads of my entire gmail inbox because i usually read it online. what i want is to be able to grab the latest emails if i need them on my phone.

    i picked the option in snappermail to "download the latest 6 emails" which seemed like exactly what i wanted. however when i get mail it downloads messages that are very old, from many months ago.

    it's definitely not the 6 latest messages so does anyone know whats going on? is it possible to just get your most recent 6 messages?

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    Go to "Forwarding and POP" setting in Gmail web interface. Go to "POP Download" section and select "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on" and save changes.
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    This seems only like a temporary solution though, especially if one doesn't use Snappermail or any other client to check gmail regularly (e.g. go for a week without using the Treo to check mail remotely)

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