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    For AOL IMAP, it is possible to create subfolders within the "SAVED" mail folder.

    So what I am trying to accomplish is to create a "Read" folder and sync it with Chatter.

    I am unable to do so.....

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    I've had no trouble with this. Create a subfolder of Saved in a PC client, then use "Reload Folder List" in Chatter to get the updated folder list loaded. Then use "New Mailbox" to access the folder. (Don't forget to check the "AOL" box in "Deliver")

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    Thanks for the info Marc.

    When doing a "Reload Folder List".. then clicking "New Mailbox" My "Saved" has a Green icon beside it (assuming it is indictaing subfolders?).

    It only shows "Saved" still, but no newly-created "Read"

    I've tried to manually type Saved.Read AND Read.Saved ...but those wouldnt work either.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Note: After I reload folder list..Folders I see are:

    (Green icon) Saved
    Sent Items
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    EDIT! Used the Right ARROW key and now I got my sub folder!

    WHEW, thanks Marc!
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    You beat me to the answer!


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