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    I recently purchased two Treo 600's from eBay from two different sellers. I was happy with both purchases until I put them side by side. One has a brighter screen. I have tried adjusting brightness and contrast, but there is definetly a difference in the screen.

    Is there anywhere else (other than preferences) where the screen can be adjusted? It is only an issue when they are side by side that I notice the problem. I suppose I can live with it.

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    these are just characteristics of different of different production batches AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK
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    try "preferences" "color"...then set the color
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    LOL, I don't think that'll fix what he's describing rg
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgoldberg
    try "preferences" "color"...then set the color
    that's probably it
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    There's a wide range of displays colors/brightness in the Treos. Eveidently there's no Quality Control in this area. I had 3 at one point (1 orange and 2 possible repalcements) All different.

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