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    I've recenty had a problem with my 650 calling people while it's in the case. (i have the treo central pouch case). I'm assuming the seatbelt in the car or something is pressing enough buttons to release the keylock -- I'm not sure what to do to make it stop.

    Anyone else having this problem or any thoughts on how to stop it?
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    If this only occurs when the Treo is in the case and with the seatbelt on, I think you have identified the problem. I have put a password on my Treo 650, as it knows more about me than I do, . . . . . . I doubt if random pressure could get past that. (P.S. . . . you do not have to key in the password to answer a phone call.)

    I also put my belt clip pouch with Treo on the seat next to me while driving. I fear breaking it with pressure from the seat belt more than starting random phone calls.

    Cheers, Perry
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    TreoGuard a must have!!

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