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    Has anyone used the extended life batteries, such as Amazr? Does it really work? Is it worth the $25 extra?

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    Hi Rcyphermd!

    There is a detailed thread by HoFo Mofo in accessories on the 2200 mAh battery from Lion Battery.

    I have one and it provides significant power longevity. I would recommend it.

    Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the battery: a 12 hour 1st charge period in the Treo to sync the power measurment settings of the Treo and the battery and then 3 to 5 full drain / recharge cycles to set the battery's chemistry fully for strongest power. Then keep it 'topped' off in normal use as often as possible for long life.

    Cheers, Perry
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    The extended life battery is 2200mAh vs. the 1900mAh of the stock one. That is only 16% greater life. You can pick up the stock battery for $20, while the extended is $50.

    Cycling the battery through several full drain cycles is not to "set the battery's chemistry." It is to teach the Treo the energy of the battery so that it will give accurate readings of the power left. This is required anytime you switch to a battery with different power. Likewise, if you swap back to the original battery it will give incorrect readings until it has been cycled a few times.

    Given the considerably higher cost of the "extended" battery and the fact that swapping back and forth causes the power meeting to give innaccurate results, you might consider just getting a second stock battery for those extended sessions.

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