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    Running 1.07b and have checked option for save to card.
    The menu toolbar has the indicated correct number of messages at last count. (in addition, 2day also indicates what I had assumed were the correct number of messages). When I go into the individual mailboxes, the old messages are nowhere to be found. I then unchecked the SD options, and did a Qsync but the old messages do not appear. Checked fastmail and they are still on the server. The only old messages which can still be viewed are those that have been sent from my 600.
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    Got 'em back after soft reset. What happened?
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    Which beta version is this? Were the messages there, but empty? Offhand, it sounds like Chatter couldn't read the card.

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    version b39
    It seems as if everything was there but the text. I know it sounds strange but even on the summary page, there were shaded boxes corresponding to messages that should have been present but they were otherwise blank. The text reappeared after a soft reset.
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    You should get the most recent beta.


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