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    It seems with all the Ringo bashing lately, most people have probably ditched this app. I bought it awhile ago, struggled through the reset problems, took it off, put it back on, etc. I'm happy to report the latest version (the web says 4.40, but it's really 4.42 after the OTA installation) has given me no problems. Just thought i'd let everyone know :-)
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    Ringo only reset my phone a couple times, but the main reason that i didn't like it was that it messed up the caller id, when I received incoming calls they were always unknown. As soon as I disabled the program my caller id worked. With over 150+ contacts, I only know a couple of numbers by memory, so ringo was definitely a no-go at this station!

    i tried lightwav after that if you want to talk about resets.

    I've been using mRing in comination with Pocket tunes and it's been working wionderfully!

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