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    We are looking for Treo 600/650 users to test a new service.
    Benefits: free t-shirt and a mini tripod to hold your
    Treo, as well as 90 days free use of the service if you choose
    to sign-up when the offering goes "live."

    We will provide a small piece of software for your Treo
    that will capture images. These images can then be shared via our
    bank of servers, where our software provides interesting,
    useful, and entertaining capabilities. We are looking for
    testers worldwide.

    Note: the service is completely different than conventional
    mobile blogging and is not intended to fulfill such a need.

    If you are interested, please drop us an email at


    Lisa H./WHDC LLC
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    did anyone do this?
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    I sent them a message but have not heard back.
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    same here
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    SPCS Treo 700p
    Virginia Beach, VA but home will
    always be Honolulu, HI
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    Same, just wondering what this truely is.....haven't heard a thing yet.
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    I signed up ans hour ago and already got my response. Check your spam or junk folder.
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    Got the email. Looks interesting but more for entertainment than anything else
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    Greetings, just an FYI - thanks to Network Solutions deciding to do system
    maintenance on Labor Day (US) emails sent to for the last
    2 hours will generate rejects. However, they have assured me things have been
    corrected . And, many thanks to the folks who have expressed interest in testing!

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    Yes, Lisa has been very helpful. Looks like a great Beta.....
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

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    So what exactly is this thing??? The website is about as informative as these posts! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Seems to be some sort of a video blog tool.
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    Thanks to an overwhelmingly and unexpected enthusiastic response
    by the TreoCentral community, we have filled-up our Beta Test slots
    for this Phase. If we decide to do a Beta-2 we will initiate a posting
    at that time. Many thanks to all respondents, we appreciate your
    time and interest!

    Best regards,
    Beta Test Coordinator
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    lame. I don't think anybody signed up until I bumped this thread, and then the email never worked.
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    Hi again!

    Apologies to anyone who was impacted as a result of the Network Solutions problem!
    The good news is that if people want to sign-up to be in the queue for slots that
    open up during the cycle, we are more than glad to add you to the list. It also allows
    us to more accurately calculate the tripod count and shirt count, etc. Because the beta
    testing has been going well, we may also be able to support a larger load of testers
    than we expected.

    If you are interested, please send an email to, but make sure
    the subject line reads "beta2 signup" - this will help us get around another
    Network Solutions problem we are having .

    Thank you!
    Beta Test Coordinator
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    Hmmm....I tried to log in with the user name and password given in the return email but had no joy. Perhaps I was too late.
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    I signed up and running! it is great!

    I am loving this program, plus all the free stuff, thanks for the offer

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