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    Well, congrats to my wife. Just talked her into a Verizon Treo 650! We're a two treo family now!

    She has a program called ACT--which is a database program she uses on her desktop. We got it to sync over to the Treo just fine. We traded out the normal Treo calender button and replaced it with ACT. Just this morning, the green phone button has been taken over by the ACT program (when you press the green phone, it goes to the ACT program). Did a soft reset and for the first minute the phone goes back to normal. Pressed the calender button to go to ACT--works. Pressed the green phone button and ACT has again taken over the button. Not sure if you have any suggestions for this one. Unfortunately the ACT program is one she can't live without as my suggestion to her was to nuke it! (by the way on another side note, the only way to get out of the ACT program on the phone is to press the APPS button-strange!)

    Thanks ahead of time for your ideas!

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    Using the Search function, I found a few threads about this. Here's a representative one:

    The concensus seems to be that ACT! for Palm is not compatible with the Treo 650; folks seem to think ACT! Link 2.0 is the way to go.
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