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    years ago when I had a palm iii or similar, there was a way to search all of your data for a word, phrase, etc. For example, if I had typed something in a contact's notes section, I could search for that text and it would find it. Or I could search for a street name, or even a partial phone number and it would bring up the record or note.

    Is that missing from recent palm software versions? I can't seem to find a way to search my data.

    thank you! Sean
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    I myself have no trouble finding info on the treo. You press the option button then the magnifying glass, both of which are on the bottom left side of the keyboard.

    Does it pull up the search function but then not find the information for you or what?
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    hey, they made a button for it! Thanks for making me laugh...maybe I should read the manual at some point. thank you. Sean
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    That's pretty funny

    no prob
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    You are a saint.
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    This is so funny! I was going to post that question yesterday and forgot! I missed the magnifying glass that used to be on my Zire. It was one of those things that was only used 2-3 time a year but was a great way to find things!

    Now how about there a way to bring up a Grafiti screen so that you can write a note and not type it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    You are a saint.
    I am a saint,,,,,, and a sinner,,,,,,Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
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    There are various programs that allow you to jot down a memo. I jot memos in bug me note pad, Thought manager and Secure notes tree. I believe others use Jot,,,,,,You can go to handango, palmgear, palmsourse, MYTREO.NET and search for note pads. If you just want to use graffiti to pop up type memos tou can use "Graffiti anywhere" or "Teal script" by Tealpoint You can google any of the sites or software titles for easy results.
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