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    I followed every step to make sure that I did this correctly
    Although this open the phone, isulate the wire, close the phone thing worked I have lost:
    1) all the programs that I had insalled on my phone
    2) All my contacts
    3) the abillity to hotsync (it just reboots)
    4) Abillity to connect to internet

    Please Please please...does someone know how to get any of this back???
    I just want to start fresh if thats possible.
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    Hey guys so all I had to do, after putting the treo back together, was a "hard reset": Hit reset in back of treo then hold down the Power button on top. Select the option that resets everything.

    Then when everything works to just sync to get all your programs, contacts and everything back!! No noise when I call anyone anymore.!!

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    I am so happy!
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