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    Apparently my hotsync has not been working about the last month now and i've been living without it. Now that I have time to play around with things -- anyone know about installing tomtom5 without hotsync and using an SD card reader?

    For now i'll try to get hotsync working again, its usually a hit or miss 1 in a thousand tries.
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    That's a very good question. why is the a component of TomTom installed on a PC at all?!

    The only problem (I may be wrong) is that the TomTom installer compiles maps (and maybe app files) from the CD roms. These files, I believe, appear differently on the CD roms than they do once assembled on the SD card.

    Comments anyone? It would be great if this could be done to keep the PC "clean".
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    What he is asking is to actually install to PC and then be able to copy to SD card via a reader since his hotsync is not working. I like the idea of installing the maps to the PC and then copying them to the SD card. Much, much faster than syncing. I have not seen a way to install the main app to PC and then copying to SD card.
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    Is there some sort of file structure that I can use or are there shortcuts and other files copied randomly throughout the system.

    If someone has a good file structure to follow that would be pretty good to start out with, not sure if anyone else had this problem before.
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    I think this is possible if you have a card reader but especially if you have Card Export II.

    The files on the handheld should be: cn.prc, start.prc, I believe. Card Export may allow you to move them over.

    The files on your SD should be:
    TomTom folder (includes the data.chk, munich.bin, etc.)
    Voices Folder (if you want any additional voices)
    Maps Folder (whichever maps you want)

    I haven't tried this myself, but I think that is the directory structure to make it work.

    There is an option while selecting the maps from the CD's to install to a different location (PC in your case). Select that, then see if you can move it to the SD in the file structure above.

    Let me know the results. This would be helpful for hot sync issues as well as improving the transfer speed for swapping maps and voices on a whim!

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    Lacir, did you ever try this?
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    Just moved so haven't tried -- actually still need a good layout of the folders, maybe a good skeleton would work. Where to place voices folder, etc?

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