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    What do you want to see in the Next Generation Treo BT Headset? I'd love for Palm to have Bluespoon or Nextlink ODM/OEM their next BT Headset. Give me an AX/5G or Flamingo but utilize the Treo's "Athena" charger connector. I've ruled out all other headsets vs. the Treo headset because I don't want to F with carrying/managing another charger. It'd be nice if everyone used an iindustry-standard universal charger. Any other features you'd like? To me, my priority is common charger, small size, decent call quality, and decent battery life. Caller ID, Vibrate, Crystal-Clear Calls would be great but I know you have to compromise somehwere.

    By the way, it looks like Palm used Jabra to create their last BT headset - it's clearly a Jabra BT330 with the Athena charger slot.
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    Give me a 5 way on the headset....or at least a two-way and center button. Then I could reach up and walk through my contacts on my Treo sitting in it's car cradle. Give me voice announced caller ID. I'd love to hear it say "Incoming call from John Smith."

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