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    If you go to their website, it looks like they are selling the BT-338 $10 cheaper than others, like Semsons.

    What they are really doing is removing the AC charger, which comes standard from the manufacturer and is included by other sellers. Then they sell the AC charger as a $10 option.

    So, you are not actually getting a better price.

    I bought one from them and was initially pleased with the prompt and economical shipping.

    Now I feel like I was tricked.
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    I see this more or less as a general buyer beware to always check what's in the box. BuyGPSNow clearly states what is "in the box" and notes the AC charger is optional. If people really don't want the AC charger, then this is a good deal for them.
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    Even if they list the box contents, I might not realize that they have taken something out and that their box contains less than is supplied by the manufacturer and other sellers.

    I don't think I should have to carefully compare the box contents from several sellers to compare prices.

    I think the box should contain what is furnished as standard from the manufacturer.

    I wouldn't mind if they had a very obvious message that said:

    "We took the AC charger that is included by the manufacturer out of the box and dropped the price $10. So, if you don't want or need the charger you can get the unit at a lower price."
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    I agree with you. A nice disclosure was due here. Heck, I like yours.

    I mean, seriously. I can't even assume that sellers haven't gone into the box and removed items that the manufacturer sells with the product?

    What's next, they make the instructions optional? Delete apps from the phone and sell them as optional?

    I've rarely bought a cell phone or cell accessory that didn't have something in the box that I didn't even know came with the phone--screen protectors, ear hooks, spare stylii, but c'mon. If I'm buying new, I'm trying to buy what the manufacturer is selling. Sellers should let me know if they intend to strip things out.

    That's a trick worthy of ebay.
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    Looks like they changed the ordering page to require acknowledgement that the AC charger is an option --
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    Yep. And it looks better than what was described by Mike.

    Still. It sure would keep down confusion if they just said, "We took the ac charger that comes standard from the manufacturer out of the box...

    But better.
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    This is how it was when I ordered. It is indeed clear that they are selling the AC charger as an option.

    What is not clear is that the charger is standard when ordering from anyone else. What is not at all clear is that their seemingly bargain price is really no cheaper than the $10 higher price from others like Semsons.

    I think it is desception.
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    I was trying to encourage them to do the right thing. I thought it had changed since you complained. Been known to happen.

    It's sure something I'D like to know...

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