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    Has anybody had any experience with syncing a T5 and a Treo 650 with the same desktop?

    I have a Treo 650 and am thinking about adding a T5 as a mini-laptop (the 650 screen is just too small). But, I would like to sync them to the same desktop and have all my basic data on both.

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    Hi Leo! Posting from my Treo. Short answer: You need a unique user I'd for each device. Pick the primary device to input PIM data into and then beam new entries to the other. (However, their have been posts about 3rd party applications that can keep calendars in sync on two different devices.)

    I sync a Tungsten T, two Zire 71s and one Treo 650 on the same PC with no problem, but each has a unique userid and it's own PIM data. A T5 may need some conduits installed by it's desktop install program. You should be able to install the T5 desktop (over the top of the 650's, do not delete the 650's) and the 650 conduits should not be affected.

    I gave up a T3 screen for the Treo 650 only carrying one device more than makes up for the smaller screen.

    Cheers, Perry
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    You can sync two devices with the same data. A few things to remember.
    1. Yes each device will have an inique name for each device.
    2. need to use Outlook
    3. Select one device as your main inputter of data.

    More Details.
    I have a life drive and Treo. Both have the same data on it. My treo is my main input device. I'dI input info on it. It syncs. If I input on the LD, only new items are sunk. Right now I have it set up to have the Treo win no matter what.

    What I Can't do?
    I can't do is edit something on my LD and have it sunk to my treo. I have to duplicate the item then edit it.


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