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    How well does the Treo 650 work with 2005 Audi A8 L when all the updates are applied? I am hearing different stories regarding the treo 650 and the
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    on the 05 A8L. once paired you really don't have to think about it again. the treo automatically paires with the car each time tou get in. the MMI and console screen will display directory, made and missed calls. all your phone book enteries won't show up, only those in speed dial. voice dial works great and is addictive! only wish text messages would come up on the MMI screen, but I know of no system that will do that. overall sound quality is quite good in such a quiet car.
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    My phone is linked to my 2005 A6, however it constantly resets - any idea?
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    try going to the bluetooth menu on your A6 and deleting all paired devices (i think that's what it's called) then repair the treo to the car.
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    oh, also delete all trusted devices on the treo before you do this. basically try starting from scratch.
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    Thank You treoperk
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    Works great! Like you said my speed dail only comes up in the phone directory. Any ideas on how to get the phone book to show up?
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    Some News on phone book sync. I just spoke with Audi about this and they said that the only why you can have your directory sync is to add names to your favorites on your treo 650. I just tried it out and that seems to work great!
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    Oh..You have to make sure they are on your speed dail
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    Treo 650 + My A8L = the greatest thing since sliced bread

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