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    Just wanted to let you know you just earned the toughest $32 in history. I have been dabbling with Chatter on and off for a while, and just now decided to purchase it. I had some serious reset issues in the past, shyed away from the app, and went back to Snapper. Data on my Treo is so critical that I can not afford to gamble with resets (although I do have betas of other software..Chatter included). Your responsiveness as a developer is unreal.

    I kept tracking the enhancements of Chatter, and had to give it another go. It was just after I sent you a bug report (the edit:copy crash) several betas ago, then saw it fixed in the VERY next release that I decided I had to buy this app. Even if I didn't use it!! That issue was literally fixed within 18 hrs. Incredible.

    Thanks for a fantastic application. You have a happy customer and giant fan. I will definitely spread the word about Chatter. Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks, Eric. It's people like you that make it all worthwhile for me.

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    See, 6 minutes after my post, you appear. Thanks again for a great app.
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    Folks, does chatter work with Exchange active sync. I didnt see that posted on the web site in the comparisons section. Could Marc / or anyone else throw some light. Could you guysshare some comparisons in this regard?
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    No, Chatter (at the moment) is an IMAP and POP3 client. At some point, I expect that Chatter will be able to work directly with Exchange servers, but NOT via ActiveSync (which I consider inferior in a number of respects).


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