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    Is there any way to sync Outlook journal entries onto my Treo?

    In the past I would just write Notes with my customer names in the first line and date in the second. Then I could sort Memos alphabetically on my Palm and I'd have a pretty good database of meeting notes.

    I have now been pushed into Outlook in my new job, and I notice that there's a journal entry section in Contacts. If I use that feature, is there any way to get the journal entries from Outlook onto my palm to take with me?


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    There is an old program called Pocket Journal from same people who make Pocket Mirror - Chapura. I have it at home can post details later...
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    Did Pocket Journal get rolled into a newer version of Pocket Mirror, or did it just get obsoleted? It doesn't appear to be available anymore.
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    It seems to be just gone. The PocketJournal app was pretty junky, but it did work. I hope Chapura rolls a KeyJournal application into KeySuite eventually.
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