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    I also posted this at Howard Forums but no luck. I'm hoping a Treo oriented forum will bring me better luck.

    I've spent many hours on the phone with Verizon's customer support and this issue has been elevated several times but I still don't have resolution. Here's the issue. Hopefully one of you smarter tech types can help. I'm lost.

    If I add a contact on the verizon (vzw) wireless sync website that has a work, home and other address, only the home fields transfer to my Treo 650, however they are labled as "Work". Further, when I hotsync they continue to transfer to my Palm Desktop as "work" but all of the tabs,which are originally labled "work" "home" & "other" are now all "work" .

    If I add a contact to my Palm Desktop, all three fields transfer perfectly to my 650 however when it syncs with the VZW website only the "work" entries transfer but they show up as "other."

    What's the problem and how can I fix it. Just in case anyone asks, if I add an entry directly to the Palm it syncs fine with the desktop but not to the VZW website. At one point the Verizon rep stated, "well we don't guarantee it will work." What's up with that lame answer.

    I really want this to work, my email works fine and the calendar works fine as well. I need the contacts to work too. The desktop verson is 4.1.4 but I don't think that's the problem since an entry on the VZW website doesn't transfer properly. But, what do I know.

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to lay out all the facts. I appreciate any help. Yes, we've done hard reboots, soft reboots and I even tried exorcising the thing.
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    Well, I it seems nobody here could help either so I thought I'd post the answer that took me 2 weeks and 8 hours on the phone to reach. Even though the VZW website shows fields for work, home and other addresses, it can only handle one unless you have an exchange server. Why they don't know that when they lauch a product is completely mistifying. I had to get intellisync to actually try to do it on one of the techs own 650 before they realized it was a problem. A fix will not be in the works.

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