Hi, I have Mac OS 10.3.9. I recently noticed that my contacts and calendar entries on my Verizon home (web) account caldenar have not been updated per changes on my handheld. Since the un-synched changes occurred in the last week, I know that this worked properly at one time. Today, I am able to make a change on my handheld (for example, I make a calendar entry called "trial" at 3 PM), then do a wireless synch, and it will appear correctly on the web calendar. I can then delete it on the web and after hot-synching, the deletion will appear on the handheld. But entries made 3 days ago on the handheld do not show up. Why did this occur and how do I correct it? is there a way to wipe out the calendar and address book on the web and replace it all with the handheld records. That would solve the immediate problem, but I would also need a long term solution to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I noticed on the activity log on the web that twice I got this error message when doing a sync:

09/01/2005 07:36:36 PM - Unexpected failure detected: OutOfMemoryError

But under "Performance Settings" in my account setup, the memory size used is far less than the allowable size. so I don't understand this error message.

To avoid memory problems, I would like to limit the email that is transferred during syncs (e.g., to unopened messages) but haven't been able to do this.