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    I have a Treo 650 with Cingular service. When you turn the phone on, it will stay on for about 3 minutes and than shut itself off. Where can I go to change these settings so it will only shut off if I shut it off manually. Thanks for the help.
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    This is not normal and there is no setting to change (that I can think of.)

    Have you installed any third party applications that might be causing this behavior?

    P.S. Now you don't mean the screen is shutting off right? You mean the phone is actually disconnecting itself from the network?

    Had to check.
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    If the phone itself is disconecting from the network (you hear the tones and see the goodbye screen) then you may have the loose sim card problem
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    Ah yes the old "loost SIM card problem."

    Call Cingular. They should send you a replacement SIM card tray. In the mean time I beleive people have solved the issue by placing a small piece of paper under the SIM card. Just don't wedge it in too tight. I also remember reading of someone who couldn't get their tray out.
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    mine was doing this too, and it all started after removing the SIM when in vegas. Glad you guys had this thread. I will try the "paper wedge"also.
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    Why does this not sound like he's talking about the three minute timeout on the screen etc? If that's the case, you don't want the screen/backlight staying on all the time, it'll kill the battery life.

    If it's the actual phone part of the Treo, yes your SIM card sounds loose, try the suggested fixes.
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    Actually, that is exactly how mine kept acting also. It would come on the phone would connect to the network and then disconnect shortly thereafter, and shut off completely. By finding this thread and wedging a folded piece of paper behind the Sim my phone has not disconnected once since I did it. So it did not have to do with the timeout although that is what I thought it was too.
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    What kind of bulls___ is this, that you suggest I "put a piece of paper behind the SIM card" ?

    What if I told you to put a tree twig in your carburetor ?

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