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    I bought this program back in December and was barely satisfied with it. It was able to convert DVD movies to a format my Treo 600 could play, with a small file size, but only some of the time. Some DVDs couldn't be read in the program.. at least the navigator to start playing the disc didn't work. They had version 2.x available but I had to revert back to v1.5 to get the navigator to work. Not a good sign.

    Basically it had many flaws. Not anymore. They've had v3.5 out for a while now and I gave it another go with a [free] upgrade... what a difference. Speed, consistency, bug-free... it also converts from MANY formats.. not just from DVDs... it can convert 700MB divx/xvid files you may have had lying around also. Even encodes with divx 6. I thought it's time I praise the product since at one point it didn't seem like the company was doing much to support it for us paying folks. Well they apparently have been hard at work... thanks for that. is what you want (unless you like playing around with a lot of settings.. then virtualdubmod will also work).
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    How small are the resulting files after a DVD conversion?
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    It will vary depending on the quality. For example, my files will be larger than the poster's because I have a 650 so my movies are encoded at 320x240 resolution (his are likely only 160x120 because of the lower res on the 600). However, using some of the highest settings (320x240, highest quality, 96kHz stereo and 25 FPS), a 50 minute DVD is about 180 MBs.

    I agree that 2.x was the biggest piece of junk ever (a great disappointment after 1.26 worked very well). However, the developer was transitioning from a ripper program which used a cracker of the encryption code on the DVD (a violation of the DCMA) to a program that records and converts the video/audio stream as it is played (no need to crack the code). Version 3.x has been very good and I highly recommend it.
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    I've recorded standard movies like Blade 2, Scary Movie, Harry Potter...typical just under 2 hour movies and the total size for me is between 180 & 225 mb using the same settings as Jagger.

    I too have to agree that the new Pocket DVD Studio and new MMPlayer are both working very well and much better these days.

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    I also have the current version of Pocket DVD Studio. Works very well, especially in conjunction with the Core Media Player (free). I like the many choices offered. If I do NOT enter any compression, then a typical movie might come out pretty large around 500MB to 700MB. For example, Star Wars 1 (the very first original) comes out to slightly more than 500MB at maximum video/audio quality with no compression.

    For various movies, I like to burn at +1 Brightness for movies with lots of dark scenes. Also, I like experimenting with the 2 Pass Encode, and sometimes this works well, but other times not. The ability to crop the movie using 6 different crop settings is very nice. I usually choose to burn with the MPEG4 setting. Also, it's cool to be able to move the end slider to edit out the credits, which can take up more than several MB of wasted information.

    All in all, I think the program is well worth $32.00. I have no prior experience with the previous version, so I cannot comment.

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