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    The N-M-.-L-K keys of the keyboard in my treo were very sticky. I was planning to open the top and cover so that I could clean it but I could not find a suitable screwdriver. What I did was to put a couple of drops of isopropanol (used for circuit board cleaning) in between the problematic keys. I allowed it to dry and turned on the treo after a couple of minutes. The keys are working fine now but my microphone volume got very weak. Had I destroyed the microphone by spraying isopropanol on it? Do you know where I can purchase a replacement mic?
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    Is there still some moisture in the microphone hole opening blocking the sound waves?

    Here is a link to getting your Treo case open:

    Hope you find a solution. . . .
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    None. I placed the treo under a (microphone hole facing the) hand dryer before I turned it on.

    According to my callers, it seems that I am a few meters away from the phone while talking. They can hear me but the sound is very weak. I have volumecare and the mic volume is set to maximum.
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    I still think there may be some moisture inside the mic, possibly the hand dryer wind blew it farther in, however, I have no idea what the mic look likes or how it operates.

    This may clear up over time as it drys, Or did some lint combine with the liquid and form a "paste" over the mic? (Stupid idea- try placing a vacuum hose near the mic hole and suck out any moisture? Probably a bad idea.) Others have "dried out" their Treo's by placing them in a zip lock bag overnight with a couple of those silca packets that come in electronics shipping cartons.

    Just for giggles, disable Volume Care off, try the mic volume and then re-enable it. . . .
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    I will try your suggestions....including using the vacuum cleaner (unit is under warranty anyways). Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by muttdaemon
    I will try your suggestions....including using the vacuum cleaner (unit is under warranty anyways). Thanks
    Any luck?
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    It's working alright now. I just put it in a plastic with silica packets overnight as per your suggestion. I was planning to do the "vacuum cleaner suggestion" last but I didn't get there as the treo worked already.

    Thank you very much
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    Great !!
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    Uhh .. dare I ask, why were they sticky in the first place? I had a massive cola accident with my Nokia 6210 when it was nearly new and it still works to this day ...
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