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    I'm a first time poster.

    I'm using a Treo 650 from Sprint operating system 1.12 and I'm having a hard time downloading videos from my Mac which is running system 10.2.8, Quicktime 6.2.

    I drop the quicktime clips into the send to Handheld droplet and it says "Don't recognize this file".

    The Viewing application on this Palm OS is Pictures and Video. I know that it likes the video that are being transfered to be in Windows Media Audio/Video format.

    I thought that "send to handheld" was a 'converter' that would translate stuff into the prefered format.

    Is there a place on the web where I can get a free Quicktime to Windows Media converter? Or are there other strategies?

    Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated.

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    It will not convert Quicktime videos. There is much information in the other threads here in the Multimedia forum about converting videos. I do not know of any way to convert a Quicktime video, though. I'm sure there is a way, however.
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    Use TCPMP , a free movie playing app for the Palm, (look for link with search) and save QT files in mp4 or other supported format.
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    I've heard about TCPMP and will try it.

    It's just that my Treo won't seem to accept anything in Send to Handheld without it being in Windows Media.

    Is there another way to get clips onto the treo?


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    use card export II or get a seperate reader.
    I created a folder on the sd card called movies and just put everything that I will watch with tcpmp in this folder.
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    Can you drag it into the Install window in HotSync application?
    If so drag it there and change to load to card. (This works with Missing Sync)
    Use a card reader ($20) since it's faster and easier.
    Get Missing Sync ($40) This provides an app on Palm that make the palm appear as a memory card on your Mac desktop.

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