I got my Treo 650 when they first came out last November. It has a very weak "p" key and a very stiff "o" key. The headset jack is sometimes crackly. I called Sprint today to get a replacement sent out and they said they needed to test it first. I questioned this since these are known issues. I live more than 100 miles from a Sprint store and my time and gas are kind of valuable. They won't do an advanced exchange, even though I offered my credit card as collateral. They said they would send me a kit to return it to them and that it would take a couple of weeks to be repaired or replaced. I have the insurance but it is really for loss, theft, or out of warranty stuff.

My phone isn't completely unusable but I feel like it should be replaced becuase it was poorly manufactured. I'm sure it would pass their tests. I have been through some rough times with this device. The horrible sound quality problem, original memory issues, the loose battery cover, etc. I want a new one.

Anyone have experience with getting a replacement quicker? Although I'm sure worse things could happen, I can't imagine living without my Treo for two weeks. Could they send me a loaner phone? I'll be in a town with a Sprint store next week. I called and they said they would have to order a replacement if needed.