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    So I got everythign working and I began setting up files by caller. I did 3 and had no problems. Now all of a sudden when I hit one of the little icons (either the indiv. or the group) my treo restarts!
    What is going on here? Can anyone help?
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    "about" says its version 4.393
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tara
    "about" says its version 3.963
    upgrade to 4.4
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    Franko515: Hi! The latest version is 4.41. Do you know what changes were made? Thanks!
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    Where did you get 4.41?
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    The latest version is actually 4.42
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    All weekend, it was crashing my phone (even if I wasn't in Ringo) so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now, no problems.
    I do however want to know where you guys are getting these newer versions from. I just bought it on Thursday and already what I have is old

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