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    We have 125 Treo 650 phones that use exchange activesync to get our company email. Starting last week at any given time 15 to 20 of the phones will get this error: There was a problem syncing messages. (0004) There was a problem connecting to server. Check your network or server settings and try again. They will continue to get that message for anywhere between 15 minutes and 3 hours. Then they will usually sync, once they sync they will continue to sync until the phone is turned off. Once the phone is turned back on they have to wait the 15 minutes to 3 hours before they will get a connection and start syncing again.

    At any given time we have 15 to 20 phones that will not sync. Does Cingular have a maximum number of activesync connections you can have to one server? Does Microsoft Exchange have a maximum number of activesync connections allowed at once?

    Any help would be nice since Cingular has been no help.
    Thanks in advanced for you help.
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    I am having same sync problem with same error code with Cingular. At first, I thought it was a conflict with DA program, but when I uninstalled DA, Versamail still wont sync.
    Cingular doesn't careless.
    Any help will be appreciated. Its frustrating and thank you guys once again
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    We are also experiencing this behavior. I think there is a strong possibility this is hurricane related...there must be something going on on the Cingular network. Here is a link to an article discussing Cingular (and others') troubles especially in the Gulf Coast region.

    We are on the West Coast, but I think these troubles may be related. Thanks.

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