The right half of my sprint PCS treo 600 touch screen has stopped responding to touches. Tried everything - started with Touch Screen alignment from Prefs (using the 5 point wheel), then a soft reset, and finally a full hard reset. After the hard reset, the system prompts for pen alignment. Top left target can be set, but not the bottom right. The right and bottom the pen can tap with a response is bottom edge, half way horizontal. Then it prompt for middle which works, but then in a loop for 'Please try again...'

Had a similar problem a few weeks ago, but that kind of went away by itself. Any suggestion to resolve this? Tried the 'slide a paper' underneath the screen edges suggestion on palmone site, but no luck. Right now waiting for the battery to drain competely to see recharging from dead battery will work.

The phone is 2+ years old.